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Looking to renovate your bathroom? Bathroom and home renovations market is worth eleven billion dollars in Australia with more than one in six house owners looking to revamp their bathrooms! A home is obviously a proud investment for Aussies, with more than eight million people taking up some kind of renovation to convert it into a perfect haven!

Giving the bathroom a beauty makeover is an exciting project! A renovation can get rid of any problems while redefining aesthetics providing you with a bathroom where you can completely unwind! Crumbling or damaged grout, leaky shower and taps, damp walls and ceiling, damaged pipes or toilets are some of the major reasons why bathrooms need a complete overhaul. At times it could be about creating better functionality or aesthetics including creating separate wet and dry areas, ensuring a great outdoor view, frameless screens or spas.

Whatever the reason, a bathroom renovation needs careful attention to plumbing as all components including bathtub, sink, shower and toilet rely on professional and high-quality plumbing to provide maximum comfort.

At Enhanced Plumbing Group

Our licensed and highly trained technicians are well trained in taking up all types of bathroom renovation related plumbing. Whether it is the creation of a master bathroom or renovating all the bathrooms in your house, we are up to the task! As one of the leading bathroom renovation service providers in Sydney, we are committed to top quality service with the right combination of technical expertise, dedication and high-end technology.

Bathroom renovation plumbing services

The Perfect Result

Whether it is moving the toilet to a new place or installing a new shower, it can involve precise and elaborate plumbing work. Poor quality installation of pipes, appliances, fixtures can damage the structure and result in silent leaks that further weaken the building. Bathroom renovations call for a plumber’s expertise and skills in installation, pipe replacements and so on so that there is minimum downtime or hassles. We respect your space and the need for privacy and work in the quickest time possible to make sure you do not face any unnecessary delays. Many of our projects are committed to a set time frame of completion ensuring maximum convenience and cost savings for homeowners.

At Enhanced Plumbing Group, every technician is fully licensed as per the mandatory regulations to take up any kind of plumbing system related work. Professionally qualified, licensed plumbers can help avoid:

  • mistakes that cost huge amounts of money to rectify

  • waste of time as the technical know-how that our plumbers have translated to quicker turnaround time for all projects

  • legal hassles as it is required by state laws and regulations to hire an accredited plumber

  • damage to existing structures, fixtures or pipes due to poor quality work

We have consistently given the best of bathroom renovation plumbing services to our happy customers and it is no surprise that we are one of the most recommended plumbing service providers in Sydney. We work with you closely to understand your bathroom renovation requirements and take the relevant measurements before offering you the best quote.

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