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Water Heater Installation

There are many types of hot water systems available and we, at Enhanced Plumbing Group help you make the best decisions.

Electric hot water systems

An electric hot water system uses electricity as the fuel to heat water. In Australia, electric hot water systems are more commonly used as compared to gas systems. With this system, there are two choices of tank available – timed and continuous water heating systems. Other options include solar water heating systems and heat pumps that also use electricity to heat up water. The initial installation cost for electric heating systems is lower as compared to gas systems although many other factors can guide the choice.

Gas hot water systems

Gas hot water systems can be the best choice for energy conservation as they emit lesser amounts of greenhouse substances than the electric ones. These systems have energy rating with more number of stars being synonymous with a higher energy efficiency. Gas systems need a smaller tank for storage but need natural gas as LPG can incur higher costs.

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At Enhanced Plumbing Group

We can work with most of the recognised electric and gas heating system brands including:

  • Rheem

  • Dux

  • Rinnai

  • Beasly

  • Vulcan

  • AquaMAX

  • Zip

  • Edwards

  • Hocking

Solar water heating systems

With the emphasis on eliminating greenhouse gas emissions, the focus has shifted to solar water heating systems. These use solar panels or collectors that make use of the sun’s energy to heat water. Some systems use a booster with electricity or gas to supplement solar energy when sunlight is not sufficient or during cloudy days.

At Enhanced Plumbing Group, we have worked with a wide range of solar water heating system installs.

Heat pumps

Heat pump heaters use electricity to transfer heat instead of directly generating heat. Working like a reverse refrigerator, the heat pump systems absorb energy from the air which is further vaporised and compressed. The storage tank contains cold water that is passed through the evaporator exchanger gets heated up through the transfer of heat. These systems use less power and so is more energy efficient.

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