Toilet Repairs in Sydney

More than 24% of the total bathroom water is used up in toilets! Water usage in older toilets could be as much as 18 litres per flush. Problems with plumbing systems in the toilet can compound this problem, leading to huge wastage of water and costly replacements of entire parts.

Attending to toilet repairs in time can save considerable water as well as unnecessary costs of full replacements. Leaks and wet floors in the toilet can also be dangerous leading to slips and falls, not to mention the risk of fungus or mould growth.
Calling us at Enhanced Plumbing Group is the smartest decision you can make when you need reliable toilet repairs.

With the expertise to deal with a wide range of toilet problems, we offer the quickest repairs that are cost-effective and completely professional. Our highly experienced technicians are skilled at diagnosing the problem accurately so the best solution can be offered in no time.

Many things can go wrong with the plumbing system in toilets. Because most of the components are constantly in touch with water, toilet systems components face a higher risk of faster wear and tear. Some of the problems encountered are:

 toilet cubicle

Constant leaking of water in the toilet

Water leaking constantly reflects in your water bills besides wasting considerable previous resource. There could be many reasons why the toilet leaks constantly. There may be problems with the flapper valves, mineral deposits, damaged fill valves, float arm, blocked or damaged inlet pipes and so on. You can rely on us to diagnose the problem and attend to the toilet repairs in the quickest time possible!!

Problems with flushing

A toilet that does not flush at all or just barely flushes can be a nuisance. At times even the flush works the water may not drain from the bowl which can be frustrating to say the least! Problems with the flapper, lever or fill valve can all cause the problem. Water not draining from the bowl will need an immediate inspection to check the water pressure and the lines. A partial drainage could be due to blockage from mineral deposits or other more serious issues. Contact us immediately when you encounter problems with flushing and our highly skilled plumbers can set it right to get rid of toilet flushing problems for good!

Other toilet plumbing issues could mean checking and repairing any of the below:

  • Ball valve

  • Water inlet pipes

  • Flush pipe rubbers

  • Flusher chain

  • Flushing mechanism

Being some of the most reliable plumbers in Sydney, we have the technical expertise and the right tools to carry out any kind of toilet repairs, big or small. We are accessible 24×7 and with our transparent pricing and commitment to adhering to same day repairs, you can rest assured you have made the best choice when it comes to toilet repair solutions in Sydney.

Our team of experts are experienced and licensed besides being fully geared up to meet any plumbing emergency at any time of the day! Our quick response time and comprehensive troubleshooting will ensure you get the best solutions in a cost-effective way. What’s more! We totally respect your home and treat it with the respect it deserves. We work to ensure the toilet is back to its full functional level in no time while the rest of the home is not disturbed.

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