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Gas Fitting Service

Natural gas is one of the favourite fuels in Australia. Natural gas is clean, efficient and less costly compared to electricity.

When gas is used along with electricity in homes, the average annual power cost is significantly lowered as compared to using 100% electricity! Enhanced Plumbing Group is the best choice you can make for all your gas fitting and 24/7 Emergency Gas Fitting needs in Sydney.

There are many ways to use gas in homes!

Heating: Heating is the most common use of gas in households. Natural gas is used for heating up water for bathing and for keeping the home warm in winters. As running costs of natural gas are lower as compared to electricity, it can save a lot of costs annually! Plenty of stylish appliances ar e available for home heating that can save 40% in costs of maintenance besides reducing carbon footprints! Portable room heaters are very convenient as you can move them anywhere around the house while wall and space heaters heat up specific space in your home. Central heating covers the entire house.

Gas water heaters are consistent and quick! There are many combinations available in the market including solar with gas, electric with gas and gas combined with heat pump and so on. The choices are unlimited and if these sound confusing, our technicians and consultants are available 24×7 to assist you in any matter regarding gas installation!

At Enhanced Plumbing Group, our team of licensed and well-trained technicians specialise in installing gas connections and pipelines for all types of heating requirements including external heaters!

Other Gas Uses

A gas stove flame A gas stove flame


Cooking is the most popular use of gas with the availability of various modern equipment that suits your lifestyle! Compared to electricity, gas gives a consistent and reliable heat that can be better controlled to achieve the best of taste!


Barbecues are a way of life and a historic tradition in Australia! BBQs using natural gas are much more efficient than charcoal or coal-based ones. Enhanced Plumbing Group excels in providing external natural gas connection point so you can enjoy your BBQs all your round!

Pool Heating:

Lap pools are the buzz word across Australia and heated pools mean you don’t have to miss out on your laps in winter! Gas is a great option to maintain the pool water temperature throughout the year. If you are looking to install gas heating for your pool, contact us right away to benefit from our top quality, affordable services.

While gas is a great, convenient, energy and cost saving option, it can also pose serious risks when not installed correctly. Leaking gas systems can result in carbon monoxide toxicity and can even be fatal if not addressed immediately! This is why you need the services of licensed professionals at Enhanced Plumbing Group who take up every project with the utmost care to ensure your complete safety.

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