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Leaking or dripping taps are much more than a nuisance. Statistics show a leaking tap can lead to water wastage of up to 20000 litres annually!

Water is the most precious resource considering just 1% of the world’s water is available for drinking. If you are faced with a tap that leaks, attending to leaking tap repairs is a top priority.

At Enhance Plumbing Group, we have an experienced team that has specialised in leaking tap repairs for many years. Combining the right skills and the best tools with years of experience, our plumbers can attend to all categories of leaking tap repairs.

Taps leak due to many reasons such as:

Worn out washers: In traditional compression water taps, the washer is made of rubber that controls the flow of water and prevents leakage when the tap is closed. Years of use can lead to wearing out of the washer which causes the dripping. Replacing the damaged washer with a new one will stop the leaks. But at times, along with the washer, there can be other parts that need replacement. Tap re-seaters or O-ring that are used along with washer may also need repair or replacement.Enhance Plumbing Group’s plumbers are experts at diagnosing what exactly is causing the tap leak to come up with the right solution every time!

Mixer taps: These taps are used to mix hot and cold water and are normally used in the kitchen. Many homeowners find that these mixer taps leak from the spout base. The small rubber rings called O-rings may need to be replaced or there could be problems with the cartridge or components that work together to control water flow. Leave it to experts at Enhance Plumbing Group to offer the best leaking tap repair solutions.

Quarter or half turn taps: Quarter turn taps control water flow when turned to 90 degrees and make use of two ceramic discs instead of washers. Half turn taps have to be turned to 180 degrees to stop water flow. These taps have seals that can wear out causing the leakage. Depending on the extent of damage, our skilled technicians can advise on repairing or replacing the tap.

Sensor taps: These electronic taps sense motion and control water flow accordingly. Compared to the traditional taps that can release ten litres of water in a minute, these sensor taps conserve water by letting out just six litres in a minute. Depending on the type of sensor tap used there can be complicated issues involved when there is a sensor tap leakage. Our experts can identify the problem in no time and offer the best leaking tap repair solutions for all types of sensor taps.Apart from these, there could be other problems leading to a leaky tap such as a build-up of lime, dirt or foreign particles getting lodged in the components.

With the most affordable and transparent pricing and a commitment to getting it right the first time, Enhanced Plumbing Group is the most obvious choice when it comes to leaking tap repairs.

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