Blocked Drains & Repairs

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are a nightmare for every householder! Not only do they prevent wastewater from leaving the premises, they also increase the risk of pest infestation. Foul smell, leakage from ceiling or walls, structural damage to walls and building are some of the very inconvenient consequences of blocked drains.

There could be both internal and external causes behind blocked drains including dead or dry leaves, tree roots or segments of branches could have been blown into the pipes leading to blocked drains. Indoor blocks may be due to objects, grease, food particles, heavy or hard materials being washed down the drains either in the kitchen or the bathrooms. Some sanitary products, paper, fur or hair of animals can also clog drains.

Get It Fixed ASAP

If you are facing the frustrating problem of blocked drains, consulting Enhanced Plumbing Group in Sydney is crucial to avoid further damage to your property. As a leading 24/7 Blocked Drain Service provider in Sydney, Enhanced Plumbing Group is always available and accessible to address any blocked drain concern. Our team of drainage engineers and plumbing technicians use sophisticated equipment to view the exact location of the blockage and to address the problem straight away.

Drain Clearing Techniques

Our specialised team of experts use some of the following techniques to access hard to reach spots and remove blocks:

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CCTV Camera:

Severe blocks need the use of CCTV cameras to identify precise block location and the root cause of the block. We use the most sophisticated CCTV equipment to diagnose blocked drains in very quick time, saving up loads of time and cost for our clients.

Jet Blasting

At times there are blocks that are highly resistant to usual removal methods and need a different approach. At Enhanced Plumbing Group, we have a trained team of plumbers who are experts at using the Jet blasting technique to clear the most stubborn of drain blockages.

Chemical Cleaning:

Our licensed and trained team is also experienced in handling various specialised chemical products to clean the drains that are available only to professionals. We make use of powerful chemical cleaning agents to get rid of tree roots and other blockage causing materials. These chemicals prevent roots from growing back while destroying other materials.

Sewer Repairs:

Blocked drains are not only a problem themselves but can lead to cracking and breakage in other pipelines due to the increased pressure load. We offer our 24/7 Blocked Drain Service to also perform a comprehensive check on all pipelines and the system using CTV camera. This is highly effective in preventing serious consequences of undetected pipe bursts or damage that may lead to extensive property damage and costly repairs.