Burst & Leaking Pipes

Burst & Leaking Pipe Repair

A burst pipe is definitely one of the most serious plumbing emergencies! Some signs of a leaking or burst pipe include soggy expanded wood, water dripping down the ceiling or walls, a bathroom that has water flooding and so on!

If you find that your water meter is running despite all the taps being closed it can indicate a silent leak or burst somewhere in the plumbing system. Flooding water can cause property damage that can be very expensive down the line to address.

Burst pipes are always an emergency!

Burst pipes can cause a lot of inconveniences both internally as well as externally including:

  • Mold or mildew growth leading to allergies, worsening of respiratory conditions

  • Rising dampness

  • Structural damage to building, painting, wooden cabinets, doors and other materials

  • Attracts pests including insects, mosquitoes, rodents

A distressed person calling a plumber whilst holding buckets trying to catch the water from a burst pipe

Many factors can lead to the bursting of pipes including:

  • Leaky shower and taps: Shower leaks are very common leading to structural damage, mould growth and slippery floors.

  • Toilet leaks: Low water pressure or damage to the system can lead to a lot of water going down the drain!

  • Kitchen pipes burst – food waste, dirt or other particles constantly flushed down the kitchen sink can lead to building up of pressure in the pipes leading to a burst eventually.

  • External pipes damage: Copper pipes are prone to corrosion and damage leading to a pipe burst. Extreme weather changes can also contribute to pipes expanding and contracting leading to a burst.

We can diagnose all kinds of hidden leaks

Some leaks are visible and obvious while many others are silent and hidden. If you notice increased dampness, mould, pests or mosquitoes or if you are paying a huge water bill despite controlling water usage, it is time to call the experts at Enhanced Plumbing Group. We are available 24 x 7 and are committed to offering a very quick response time.

When it’s a plumbing emergency, you can count on us at Enhanced Plumbing Group to fix it up in the shortest time-frame preventing water wastage as well as saving loads of money on your water bill payments. We are fully equipped to carry out all types of burst and leaking pipes repairs. Using the right plumbing service also means you save a considerable amount of money and time when faced with burst and leaking pipes as our solutions are both time and cost effective. Being able to diagnose the origin of the leak or burst is half the job done and our skilled technicians are able to do just that!

Accurate diagnostics with specialised equipment will also mean that there is no need to destroy existing pipes unnecessarily which means there is a huge saving on plumbing bills.

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